Edgehill House

Contact: Kimball Fife

Voice & message: 435-232-3307
E-mail: kmfife@gmail.com..


Accepting reservations for Summer 2023 – Spring 2024

We accept applications for Fall 2023 – Spring Semester 2024 beginning January 1, 2023

Total number:  4 Units
2 units with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (fully furnished)
3 Studio/1bedroom, 1 bathroom

Location: 474 N 600 E, Logan (View Map of Location)
Rent range:

  • 2 bedroom units: Student contracts start at $3,200 for a shared bedroom with 4 students per unit; $3,800 for private room contract with 2 students per unit.
  • Summer rental rates for main & upper floors: $500 shared bedroom, $800 private bedroom with up to 4 students per unit.
  • Studio/1 bedroom units: $450-$650 per month (year term lease)

Size: approximately 350-1000 sq/ft per unit.

Units Include:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Natural gas heat included
  • Furnished
  • Restrictions:  NO SMOKING or VAPING, NO PETS


Apartment Living Rules-Student Apartments

It is our hope that the Tenant(s) will enjoy the apartment and living areas and will continue to do so in the future. In order to keep the apartments pleasant, we must have your cooperation to keep the apartments and areas around your building free from litter and personal belongings. These rules are provided for the comfort of all Tenant(s) and will be enforced. These rules may be changed from time to time, upon thirty-days notice. Violation of the following rules may result in eviction and forfeiture of security deposits and does not release Tenant(s) and/or Roommate(s) from any underlying contractual obligations as per the lease.

  1. Tenant(s) are responsible for the actions or violations of these rules or other lease provisions by their guests, family and friends, or visitors.
  2. NO PETS will be allowed on the premises or grounds at any time, whether temporary or permanent, whether belonging to the Tenant(s) guests or otherwise.
  3. Smoking and vaping are absolutely prohibited on the entire premises, whether by the Tenant(s) guests or otherwise. Such offenses are subject to a fine of $100.00 and eviction. Management will take appropriate actions on their own behalf at their discretion. Nothing in this provision entitles Tenant(s) to additional protections from secondhand smoke other than in their own apartment, as provided by State Law and City Ordinance.
  4. Parking or driving is not allowed on the grass or planting areas. Damage to sprinkler systems will be the responsibility of the Tenant(s). Park in the allotted spaces. Do not pull cars onto grass to wash them. Violations by your or your guests may result in a $100.00 fine. Management does not guarantee parking. Derelict cars are not allowed on the premises. After two weeks derelict cars may be towed away by Management, at the expense of Tenant(s).  Engine or Mechanical (this includes changing oil) repairs are not allowed on the premises. Management may enter into a contract for the enforcement of parking rules with towing and wheel booting companies to enforce these provisions, at their discretion.
  5. Questar Gas and Logan City Utility (Light & Power) bills are the responsibility of the Tenant(s).  Tenancy will not be permitted until unit utility billing is in the name of the Tenant(s).
  6. Porches should be clear of all personal belongings. Personal items (grills, bikes, toys, and lawn furniture, etc., should not be stored on the front porches or balconies, grassy areas or around the building and if so are stored at your risk.
  7. Tenant(s) are responsible for the exterior (windows, front and rear doors, siding, brick, etc. as well as the interior of the apartment. If the apartment has been damaged or defaced it is the responsibility of the (Tenant(s) to repair it in a professional manner at the Tenant(s) expense.  Satellite dishes will be installed at the sole discretion of the Management.
  8. Tenant(s) will not paint or otherwise redecorate the premises without the prior written approval of the Management. No stick on hangers should be used. One inch nails or brads should be used when hanging pictures or shelves. Permission should be obtained when placing larger nails in the walls. There may be a $2.00 charge for each nail hole after eight per room.
  9. If it is necessary to do any spraying for pests, Management will provide reasonable notice, no less than 24 hours. Tenant(s) are responsible to make the premises available for such pesticide treatments and to have the apartment cleaned and prepared as required by the pesticide treatment provider. Failure to clean and or prepare the apartment for such pesticide treatments may incur a fine of up to $75.00 per violation. Repeated failure to make the premises available in the before described procedure may be grounds for eviction. Due to the seriousness of the obligation imposed on Management by City Ordinance and State Law, Management, may at their option prepare and clean the apartment professionally and obtain reimbursement from Tenant(s) for all reasonable expenses related to preparing the apartment for pesticide treatments. Such expenses may also be offset against any deposits and rent.
  10. Occupancy is limited to those person(s) identified on the lease. Additional persons may not occupy the premises without the express written approval of the Management.
  11. Tampering with screens, electrical systems or other fixtures is not allowed. Any damage done will be the responsibility of the Tenant(s).
  12. Tenant(s) or guests may not violate local, state or national health codes.
  13. Waterbeds are not allowed without the express written approval of Management.
  14. Disorderly conduct which disturbs the peace, including shouting, loud music, noise, domestic violence or boisterous parties are prohibited. Serious or repeat violations will be considered by Management grounds for eviction. Tenant(s) failure to cooperate with legal authorities in investigating such disturbances are grounds for eviction.
  15. Tenant(s) will not store belongings near the water heater or furnace since it may create a fire hazard.

–The Management