Fairfield Townhomes

Contact: Tim Johnson
Office Mailing Address: 103 Quail Hollow Road, Logan, UT 84321
Telephone: 435-232-3311
E-mail: tim@logantownhomes.com

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Total Number: 64 Units

– 3 bedrooms

– 1 1/2 bathrooms

Location: 1126 N. 400 W.   (View Map of Location)

Rent range: $1225-1275 per month

Size : approximately 1340 sq. ft.


  • 1 car garage or carport
  • AC
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink Disposal
  • Washer/Dryer Hookups
  • Natural Gas Heat
  • Tiled bathroom floor, wood laminate kitchen and dining floor, two tone paint in family room
  • Common areas are maintained and mowed; parking lots snow-plowed

Requirements: 1 year lease and deposit (1 mth’s. rent). Tenants responsible for utilities.

Restrictions: No Smoking, No Pets. ESA accommodation requests MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING prior to occupancy.


It is our hope that your families will enjoy the apartment and living areas and will continue to do so in the future. In order to keep the apartments pleasant, we must have your cooperation in keeping the apartments and areas around your building free from litter and personal belongings. These rules are provided for the comfort of all tenants and will be enforced. The rules may be changed from time to time upon thirty days notice. Violation of the following rules can result in eviction and forfeiture of security deposits.

1. No pets will be allowed on the premises or grounds at any time, whether temporary or permanent, whether belonging to the Tenant(s) guests or otherwise.

2. Smoking is absolutely prohibited on the entire premises, whether by the Tenant(s) or guests.

3. Parking or driving is not allowed on grass or planting areas. Do not pull cars onto grass to wash them. Violations by you or your guests will result in a $50.00 fine. Repeat offenses will result in eviction.

4. Park in your allotted space(s). Garage doors should be closed whenever possible. Do not pull ahead so that the car engine is over the grass. The maximum is two cars per apartment. Derelict cars are not allowed on the premises. After seven days derelict cars will be towed away. Engine or mechanical repairs are not allowed on the apartment sites (this includes changing oil).

5. Front porches should be clear of all personal belongings. Garbage cans should be stored clear of any walkways and placed in an appropriate location. Do not leave garbage can out on the street after pickup. Damage to garbage cans is the responsibility of the Tenant(s). Personal items (grills, bikes, toys, and lawn furniture) should not be stored on front porches or grass areas and if so are stored at your risk.

6. You are responsible for the exterior (windows, front and rear doors, siding, brick, etc…) and interior of the apartment. If the apartment that has been damaged or defaced it is your responsibility to repair or have it repaired at your expense.

7. Tenant(s) will not paint or otherwise redecorate the premises without the prior written approval of the Management. Absolutely no stick on hangers should be used. Straight pins or one inch brads of finish nails should be used when hanging pictures or shelves. Permission should be obtained before placing larger nails in the walls. There will be a $2.00 charge for each nail hole after eight per room.

8. Tenant(s) are responsible for snow removal and yard maintenance around Tenant(s) rental unit and common areas. At this time, lawn mowing has been provided by the Management.

9. Occupancy is limited to youdr immediate family (consisting of two adults and children) unless specified otherwise in the rental agreement. Additional persons may not occupy the premises without the express written approval of Management.

10.Tampering is not allowed with screens, antennas, electrical systems or other fixtures. Only Management is allowed to remove them.

11. Tenant(s) or guests my not violate local, state or national health codes.

12. Waterbeds are not allowed without the written approval of the Management.

13. Disorderly conduct which disturbs the peace, including shouting, loud music, noise or boisterous parties is prohibited.

–The Management